Virtual Graduation


Kinder and grade 6 virtual graduation rites 2020-2021

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. - Aristotle"
In a beautiful day of 11th of May year 2021,10 'o clock in the morning, a virtual graduation of Kinder and Grade 6 students happened via Facebook Live of the school's FB page. The pandemic didn't become a hindrance for the students to study hard and excell in their studies. It is a special day of these students and their parents as they reap the fruit of their labor.
There are still some special events that also happened in this month of May.
On the 12th of May year 2021,at 10 'o clock in the morning, the virtual moving up of our Grade 10 students still took place via FB live in ADP's FB page. Some students with honors, shared their class legacy as they look back to those wonderful and unforgettable memories that they shared, and experienced together, and leave inspirational message to still inspire their classmates and friends.
On the next day (May 13,2021), with the same time the most awaited and important event of the Grade 12 students happened in the school's FB Live again as they virtually graduated. They will surely never forget these days as they already closed this chapter of their lives. After many years of studying hard, and surviving those hard times, they can now finally move forward to the next chapter of their lives. Studying will not be easy if you don't have enough patience, courage, motivation to continue pursuing their dreams, and without the guidance of their loving parents and respective teachers. As they continue studying, may they become more courageous, and patience in achieving their dreams and goals in life because as what Aristotle said," The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet."
The parents, teachers, and also the principal are extremely happy as they see that their hard works are paid off by the students achievements and completion.