ADPI Teachers


LOOK ADPI Teachers are vaccinated with their Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccination is a simple, safe, and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases, before they come into contact with them. It uses your body's natural defenses to build resistance to specific infections and makes your immune system stronger. Vaccines train your immune system to create antibodies, just as it does when it's exposed to a disease. However, because vaccines contain only killed or weakened forms of germs like viruses or bacteria, they do not cause the disease or put you at risk of its complications. Studies show that Covid - 19 vaccines are safe and effective. Most people who get COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms and can recover early.
Employees of Academia de Pulilan , Inc. have been given a memorandum to get vaccinated. At first, all were indecisive because of its causes and effects. There were questions behind this vaccine. Confusion , fear and doubt began to tickle in their minds, but then, the brighter side of this vaccination was considered as without vaccines, we are at risk of serious illness and disability from diseases. Before getting vaccinated, some protocols were there that each employee had to follow such as wearing face masks in public, washing hands with soap and water frequently for at least 20 seconds at a time, using a hand sanitizer, with at least 60% alcohol, when washing the hands is not possible, covering any sneeze or cough with a tissue or handkerchief, and washing hands, avoiding touching the face, regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that people frequently touch, such as doorknobs limiting or avoiding handshakes, staying home and away from others if sick, staying away from people who are not housemates, avoiding crowds whenever possible, avoiding poorly ventilated places whenever possible, being watchful for any symptoms, including a high fever and a cough. If a person has a mild or asymptomatic form of COVID-19, it is still crucial to limit contact trusted source with others, especially older adults and people with weakened immune systems.
Different brands/names of vaccine have injected to every employee, these are AstraZeneca , Sinovac , Pfizer and the latest is Johnson and Johnson. Some vaccines have injected to employees in two doses , but Johnson and Johnson was only given in one shot only with equivalent of two doses. After getting vaccinated, some employees have experienced side effects.
Common side effects include pain, redness, or swelling, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills ,fever and nausea. In the end, after being vaccinated, employees felt safe and secured. We are Fully Vaccinated, Fully Protected! #RoadToHerdImmunity