Retreat 2023


RETREAT 2023 of graduating students at Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

As a preparation for stepping on to their next level, graduating students from Grades 6, 10 and 12 experienced a once-in-a-lifetime Retreat, Recollection day on January 26&27, 2023 at Shercon Resort. As the students arrived at the place, the Traverse conducted numerous team-building activities, assisting students in building their camaraderie inside the place. After finishing all the exciting activities, they were invited to do their values formation in the evening.
The two days and one-night stay in the place of Shercon gave the students memorable experiences enjoying the vibes of the amazing sceneries of this paradise.
The Academia de Pulilan is known for providing quality education for all learners not only inside the four corners of their classroom but also learning by experience.