Academia de Pulilan, Inc. imparts the highest academic standards throughout your child's education. A broad selection of subjects allows every student to develop their strengths, fulfill their potential and prepare for a chosen career path beyond school.
Subjects Offered
• STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, and mathematics)
• ABM (Accountancy Business Management)
• GAS (General Academic Strand)
• HSS (Humanity and Social Science)
• TVL (Technology, Vocational, and livelihood)
• Computer Servicing System
• Home Economics

Meet Our Head Teacher

I am immensely pleased to welcome you to The Senior Section of Academia De Pulilan. The establishment of Senior Section in a spacious and well equipped premises speaks volumes of our commitment to excellence which has resulted in a rampant growth of students' strength in our senior section. We, as a team are thankful to our parents and students for their trust in the programmes we offer at ADPI. Our aim is to prepare confident and resilient individuals who are well prepared for the next phase of their life. It is heartening to see that ADPI graduates join esteemed national and international universities and contribute positively to the society. I am very thankful to the experienced and qualified faculty who work tirelessly to ensure that students achieve outstanding academic results and are offered a variety of opportunities to enhance their leadership qualities. Academia De Pulilan promotes affordable and rewarding offers including vouchers, discounts and free inclusions which makes high quality education accessible to those talented students who find it hard to afford high school education.
Our Expert Career Counselling and our unique internship programme make us the first choice in Bulacan as our personalized approach for each student makes a difference in their life beyond ADPI.

Senior High School Head Teacher

Meet Our Assistant Department Head

I am greatly delighted to welcome you to The Senior High School at the Academia De Pulilan. As Assistant Head Senior Section, I proudly and affectionately contribute to make life at ADPI exciting and enriching for our young energetic and talented students who thrive on varied opportunities and bravely accept challenges to excel in academics and co-curricular activities. A close knitted family like environment at ADPI make it fulfilling for all students to enjoy mutual respect, build relationships and explore hidden talents to realize their dreams. A result oriented approach keeps us motivated to see our graduating students being well placed in their next phase of education or joining their vocational fields. Exposure to the outside world through our programmes and interaction with our Alumni inspire our students to aim high and reach for the stars!

Assistant Department Head