We encourage our students to become independent learners and develop a range of critical thinking skills. Our highly trained teachers personalize the teaching experience to your child's needs and abilities. Students must complete the 4 years of studies as part of K12 Curriculum after graduation from grade 6.
Students can choose from the following curriculums:
• Regular Curriculum
• Special Science Curriculum

Meet Our Head Teacher

It is my proud privilege to lead Junior High School at Academia De Pulilan where we ensure that students achieve their potential to the fullest and all stake holders work collectively to achieve the school's vision. Our strong and constructive communication with parents keeps them updated with students' progress in every area and provides students with the pastoral care, essential at a growing age.

Our advanced pedagogy techniques develop 21st century skills and prepare students for the challenges of this ever changing world. Through a comprehensive co-curricular programme, we empower our children to recognize their hidden talents and polish their innate abilities. We believe that every child has a distinct learning style and has the ability to make progress hence our experienced teachers cater to the needs of different abilities and learning styles. I would not hesitate to say that students at ADPI are academically bright, kind, considerate and ambitious enough to pursue their dreams with perseverance and confidence.

Joselyn I. Manaloto
Junior High School Head Teacher