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The challenges brought to light by the coronavirus pandemic, specifically the implementation of different distance learning delivery modalities, have sparked a larger conversation about the role grades play in student learning, prompting education sectors to rethink traditional grading schemes. The grading system implemented in this interim policy provides reasonable leniency to learners who are put to a larger disadvantage by the pandemic, but at the same does not compromise the integrity and principles of assessment and grading.

Written works and performance tasks shall be administered to assess the content and performance standards that describe the knowledge, abilities and skills that learners are expected to demonstrate. These tasks could be designed to include the following:

  1. a. Student's Learning Portfolio that documents all the evidence of learning within the grading period including self-reflections, self-evaluations of performance tasks guided by rubrics, and self-selected best outputs in learning modules.
  2. b. Minimum of four (4) written works and four (4) performance tasks within the quarter, preferably one in two weeks integrating two or more competencies.
  3. c. All competencies should be covered by the performance tasks (e.g. A performance task can be used to assess Science, Math, and English altogether for certain topics).
    1. For the current school year, quarterly assessments shall not be administered. However, days allotted for quarterly assessments in DepEd Order 7, s. 2020 or the School Calendar and Activities for School Year 2020-2021, may be used for the presentation of major performance for the quarter that addresses the performance standard.

      Quarterly Examinations were given a weight of 20% constantly in DO No. 8, s. 2015. Since it will no longer be a part of the grading system for this school year, its previously determined weight was distributed equally into Written Works and Performance Tasks, allotting an additional 10% to each component. This maintains an emphasis on Performance Tasks for some learning areas.