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School Practice

ADP is the only school in Pulilan practising the house and prefects system.

Red House

Red Wyverns

Blue House

Blue Cheetah

Green House

Green Hornets

Yellow house

Yellow Phoenix


The House System makes healthy competition among students possible. Alumni, when invited to grace Inter-House Sports Meets, fondly recall their own experiences and feel still very much a part of the House they used to belong to in their school days.

Though the House System is most used in relation to sports competitions, the System may also be successfully used in other areas to reward performance. Care should be taken, however, to prevent the development of unfriendly rivalry. Each teacher in charge of a House should refrain from over enthusiasm which may lead to confrontation among Houses.

House Allocation

A student is assigned to specific House at the time of his initial admission into a TCS School. This permanent, unchangeable assignment.

Number of Houses

The standard is to have at least three houses in school - Green House, Red House, Blue House. In a large school, a fourt House may be added - a Yellow House.

House (Student) Leadership

A House Captain heads the house assisted by a male Deputy House Captain and a female Deputy House Captain, and one house representative from each class. The house representative for a class at Junior 1 or higher should be elected by the students of the class he represents.

Immunity of Prefects

School Prefects should be exempted from the House System for the duration of their service as prefects. Special permission, however, may be granted for them to temporarily represent their houses at sports meets and other school competitions.

House Coordinator (Teacher Overall In-Charge of House System)

A senior teacher should be appointed as the House Coordinator who will be overall in-charge of the House System. A teacher in charge of a single house should also be appointed to oversee the House. The teacher shall be known as House Adviser.


A number of areas for competition have been identified and a system of continuous competition among Houses is expected to take place throughout the year. The areas identified are:

  1. a. Sports
  2. b. Studies
  3. c. Punctuality
  4. d. Attendance
  5. e. Behavior
  6. f. English Speech
  7. g. Following the code of conduct
  8. h. Manners
  9. i. Performance
  10. j. Participation